vitamin dThe media spouts contrary fears about Vitamin D, first about the harmful effects of the sun and then harmful effects of sunscreen.

The research shows sunlight has the most optimal health effects!  It is important to expose 40% of your skin for 20 minutes to get elevated Vitamin D levels. It is not enough to expose only your forearms and face.

If the sun is low in the sky, you may need more sun exposure.

If you are dark skinned, you may need 6 to 8 times the sun exposure.

If you are light skinned and your skin turns a mild pink, this would be optimal exposure for the day.

Unfortunately, we live in Boise, with rain, clouds, inversions, etc.  The best we can do is take our supplements.  But come spring, I want to see all of you mowing your lawn in your bikinis/trunks!