I viewed a very interesting video called “Vaccines and Brain Development”  by Dr. Russell Blaylock. You may have heard me mention Dr. Blaylock’s work on excitotoxins, and the toxicities of MSG and aspartame.  He is speaking out about vaccinations from the medical perspective, and his DVD is thought provoking.  I will have copies to lend out from the office.  Two interesting facts that I learned follow:

  • Many vaccines are manufactured in China.  Inspections of these manufacturing facilities occur infrequently and take place with our FDA inspectors standing outside the facility with a clipboard getting information from a Chinese official who is sent outside with paperwork.  There are no in-door inspections.  Considering our political relationship with China, isn’t this a bit like Lex Luthor making Superman’s lunch?  If there were any contamination in the vaccinations, it would only be discovered when our American population has side-effects from the vaccinations manufactured in China.
  • Hepatitis vaccination increases the incidence of multiple sclerosis by 300%.