I recently returned from the 2017 Best Answer for Cancer Summit in San Diego in late April.  I learned a tremendous amount. The most significant research is that conventional chemo and radiation offers stage 4 cancer patients (patients with metastatic disease) about an increase in survival of 2% over 5 years. Integrative methods (research proven government studies) for the same stage 4 patients are getting between 50-60% remission at 5 year. The integrative Doctors are continuing to keep records past 5 years because they know conventional chemo and radiation will most likely recur after this date.  It appears the Integrative methods are more long-lasting as well, with only gradual declines in survival after this 5 year benchmark.

The persistence of these Doctors to perform alternative cancer methods has come at a huge price for several of the Doctors including million dollar lawsuits, bankruptcy and loss of their medical license.

We owe these pioneers a debt of gratitude for their persistence and bravery.