Metta Health Care is pleased to announce the introduction of the UVLrx device to the Treasure Valley.  This device allows for internal body treatment with UVA, green and red light.  The UVA is a powerful anti-microbial, the green light stimulates the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cell, and the red light is an anti-microbial and up-regulates the immune system.

Until UVLrx, light therapy for the body was administered on the skin or blood was removed from the body and run through a device which administered the light.  Only a small percentage of the blood could be treated with this type of device, whereas it is estimated that almost 100% of the blood is treated with UVLrx.

What do these various lights do for the body?

UVA light is a powerful anti-microbial wavelength.

The red light especially is known to stimulate ATP production to enhance energy in the cell and body. It is also an anti-microbial light wavelength. The red wavelength has immune modulating abilities. It can down-regulate pro-inflammatory cytokines which is a  scientific way for saying that red light decreases inflammation.  It can help with fever.

The green wavelength stimulates the red blood cell.  The red blood cell is the only cell that does not have mitochondria, and therefore cannot generate energy from ATP.  The green wavelength up-regulates the red blood cell to enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of  the cell, as well as provide elasticity to enhance delivery of that oxygen around the body.

Current research is on-going for Pain, Quality of Life Issues, Dengue Fever, Auto Immune Disorders, Lyme Disease,  HIV, Hepatitis C, Epstein-Barr Virus,  Chronic and Acute Inflammation, Cancer and Flu.

UVLrx is pending FDA approval, but until then, I will become a research investigator so as to be able to offer this therapeutic device to the Boise area.

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