Aging decreases our oxygen level.
With aging, according to research studies, our ability to consume sufficient oxygen decreases 5% to 10% per decade between the ages of 25 and 75. The respiratory tract deteriorates – as a result, lung function decreases. This causes an imbalance in the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen and less oxygen is absorbed into the system. Cells lose the ability to carry sufficient oxygen. As a result, all body systems must work even harder to eliminate the toxins and waste, which depletes precious oxygen levels.


Atmospheric oxygen is declining.
This is caused by toxic gases and pollutants from industrial factories, auto exhaust, pesticides, and increase of polluted water tables, rivers, streams and oceans, as well as the cutting and burning of the earth’s rain forests and woodlands. A few hundred years ago the oxygen content of our atmosphere was about 35%. Today it is about 21%! In this oxygen deficient environment, we are not getting the optimum levels of oxygen from breathing…even when we exercise.

Today’s lifestyle of “Convenient, Tasty Fast-Foods” depletes oxygen from our bodies.
Fruits and vegetables contain high oxygen levels. However, Americans prefer to eat more over-processed and just foods that are low in oxygen and high in toxins, like hamburgers and pizza. The body requires more oxygen to eliminate the toxins and absorb the few nutrients in the junk food. Foods extremely low in oxygen range from processed sugar, white flour and alcohol, to coffee and colas. These foods require large amounts of oxygen in order to be metabolized by the body.

Increases in daily stress depletes oxygen.Lack of proper exercise and rest depletes oxygen.
Physical stress due to illness and infections consumes more oxygen as the body fights the invading bacteria. Stress produced from chemical toxins in the body reduces oxygen as the liver works harder to filter out toxins and waste. Emotional stress puts more strain on major organs such as the brain and heart which requires more oxygen to function. Emotional stress also produces adrenaline and adrenaline-related hormones that trigger the use of more oxygen. Lack of proper exercise prevents organs, muscles and cell tissue from absorbing more oxygen needed to revitalize. Without adequate rest, all body systems must continue to work hard, which requires more oxygen, and leads to oxygen deprivation.