Prolotherapy is a very effective treatment for most injuries and ongoing joint, tendon, ligament and muscle pain. The treatment involves a series of injections with a glucose solution, immediately under the skin with a very fine needle, targeting the source of the pain. It can offer a success rate of greater than 75% for most conditions.

Neuro-prolotherapy was developed by Dr. John Lyfgodt in New Zealand. He has been in practice since 1978 and has extensive postgraduate training and experience in sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine. Dr Lyftogt’s early research focused on the treatment of Achilles tendon problems and he has now treated more than 300 Achilles tendons with a success rate of more than 90%. He has published two level 4 articles on Achilles tendons.


This ‘neuro-prolotherapy’ protocol was successfully extended to the treatment of tennis elbow, painful knees, shoulders, neck, hips, ankles,muscle injuries and low back. Results are consistent and two year follow up studies have shown success rates between 80-100%.

How Does It Work?

Because neuro-prolotherapy does not target tendons, ligaments or joints the question had to be asked what causes the sometimes dramatic decline in pain levels after even a few treatments. A working hypothesis was developed that glucose assists in the repair of connective tissue in the nerve trunks under the skin in a similar way as repairing connective tissue in ligaments and tendons with Classical Prolotherapy. These skin nerves are now known to be responsible for painful conditions generally identified as ‘neuralgias’ or ‘peripheral neuropathic pain’. They consist for up to 80% of connective tissue and are structurally quite similar to tendons and ligaments.

There is now also compelling scientific evidence that the very small nerves innervating the nerve trunk, known as ‘nervi nervorum’ are responsible for inflammation of the connective tissue of the nerve trunk and surrounding tissues. Interestingly and surprisingly this fact has been known for over 125 years.

It is also known that this ‘neurogenic inflammation’ differs from conventional inflammation in that it does not respond to anti-inflammatories or cortisone injections. This is one of the reasons why these commonly used drugs are proving to be ineffective in many painful conditions in addition to a growing awareness that their use is not without serious side effects.It is clear from clinical observations on more than three thousand patients and large case series that neuro-prolotherapy effectively reverses ‘neurogenic inflammation’ and resolves neuralgia pain.

Treatment Protocol

Treatment typically involves a 6-8 sessions of micro-injections just under the skin with a very small needle. Additional treatment sessions are sometimes needed if a patient has prior surgeries, moderate to severe whiplash injuries with widespread pain, and/or significant underlying medical illnesses (diabetes, autoimmune disorder or history of cancer.) Treatments are completed within 15 to 30 minutes. At most the patient may have some brief tenderness at the injection site or a small bruise. Physical activity is not restricted post-injection, with most patients returning to their usual workouts the same day or next day. More than 98% of patients tolerate the minimal discomfort associated with the injections without a problem. The occasional patient however who is needle phobic or quite pain sensitive may not be a good candidate.


  • “About 20 years ago I sustained a work injury that left me with significant neck and shoulder pain. Despite precaution, I continued to reinjure my neck and should and could find no relief for the pain I was experiencing. After my second neural-prolotherapy injection, I experienced immediate relief, even before I left the office! I was able to ride my horse the next day after not being able to for 10 months. Dr. Huycke is a miracle worker!”

– M.E.

  • “I have been a massage therapist for 30 years and trained in many modalities in structural and restorative techniques. I had been suffering with acute Achilles tendinitis for months.  I tried everything I knew to treat the problem.  Nothing worked.  It had become chronic.  In one session of neuro-prolotherapy, the pain was completely gone.  I have never experienced anything as thorough and IMMEDIATE as this simple application for the complete eradication of pain.  Astonishing!”

– B.B.