At Metta Health Care, the same microscopic equipment utilized in the Live Blood Analysis screening test is also used in the Dry Blood Test. Both tests use droplets of blood expressed from the tip of the finger.

What is Live and Dried Blood Analysis?

bloodspotDried blood analysis involves taking a tiny pin prick of blood from a finger and “dabbing” the blood 4-5 times on a microscope slide. The blood is then left to dry in the open air. Once dried, it is placed under the microscope and magnified onto a live high resolution TV screen so that you can see how well your blood has coagulated.

dry blood panels

How does it work?

Live blood analysis allows you to view the red and white blood cells in the blood, the platelets and the blood plasma. Imbalances seen in the blood will affect organs and tissues leading to malfunction and eventually illness.

If our red blood cells are not perfectly shaped, with a proper structure, flexibility and fluidity their ability to travel around the body and do their job is severely compromised. This leads to tissue levels of oxygen and nutrients falling, which translates to low energy, fatigue and a general sense of feeling unwell as well as more serious problems.

Similarly, dried blood analysis can show levels of oxidative stress and toxicity in the body.

Based upon the observations a practitioner can recommend specific protocols to cleanse and rejuvenate your blood. This may include herbs, natural supplements and detoxification protocols as well as simple lifestyle and dietary suggestions. Follow up sessions are recommended after 3 to 5 months so you can see the difference.

Who should have the screening?

Everyone, whether sick or “healthy” can benefit from seeing their own blood and learning more about how their body works and what they need to do to look after their health properly. “Healthy” people can see the early signs of imbalances which might lead to illness later on.