Blood under darkfield. Microscopic examination which is moderately to strongly infested
(source: Blood examination in darkfield, Semmelweis Verlag 1993 ISBN 3-925524-01-0)

darkfield montage(Blood examination according to Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein) Darkfield Microscopy is an important holistic diagnostic instrument used in practice.
It gives information about the terrain, e.g. hyperacidity, lack of energy and dynamics and the functionality of blood cells.

Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein (1872-1968) observed in darkfield microscopic examination of blood the tiniest moving beings , which seem to be primitive forms of either bacteria or fungi.

These so-called Endobiont change the hydrogen-ion con centration (pH) of the blood. Also Intoxication such as with heavy metal (e.g. mercury) can be made visible.

For the examination we need only a drop of blood from the fingertip or the ear. Observation of the blood sample in the darkfield microscope gives information within 15 min. after hours or even days we find further information regarding the condition of the immune system, cellular resistance and the disposition towards the growing or regeneration of possible tumors.

Cancer, for example, cannot be seen but the weakness of the immune system or the degeneration of the blood cells can be made visible which is invaluable in early treatment.