At Metta Health Care we use live blood analysis using dark field microscopy to achieve an advanced analyses of your living blood.

ann at micro croppedTraditional blood tests use a light source so hot that it kills the blood, and a stain that is looking only for a particular microbe – it is an autopsy of your blood.

Dark field blood analysis uses a high-definition microscope to analyze the living blood. This method is very useful for the early detection of serious health conditions. As the blood is being analyzed under the microscope the images are being passed to a monitor screen where you and your practitioner can analyze and discuss the your blood in its living state.

It is a way to look at one drop of your living blood from a simple prick of your finger. That drop is placed on a slide, enlarged and projected onto a monitor. The invisible comes alive as you instantly enter the world of your living blood.

Dark field is used for Initial examination of suspensions of cells such as yeast, parasites,bacteria, small protists, or cell and tissue fractions including cheek epithelial cells, chloroplasts, mitochondria, even blood cells. Here are some examples.

Viewing a fresh, natural blood sample (a sample not altered with any stains, etc., needed for normal microscopic exams), under the technology of a dark field microscope, will reveal conditions of your blood not normally even considered during the diagnosis of a normal blood test performed in doctor’s office or a lab.
Of Course,The FDA does not approve of dark field microscopic blood analysis, therefore many doctor’s hands are tied.  However, an increasing number of health professionals have found that the use of this technique allows inspection of cellular dynamics which as noted above normally escape analysis or diagnosis using orthodox medical tests.