A 60 year-old man complained to me of knee pain after a hard tennis landing about a year before his visit.  He told me he couldn’t do his usual activities such as tennis, golf or basketball because the knee felt “loose”. On exam, he did have significant looseness of the knee joint.  This instability makes a person afraid to rely on the joint to support them in daily and sports activities.

An MRI showed a medial meniscal tear.  We injected stem cells into his joint in March 2017.  He wore a knee brace for 3 weeks after the injection. At his appointment last week, there was no instability.  The patient had been protecting his knee all this time, and had not been participating in sports.  I sent him to physical therapy to start a graduated exercise program to get him back to full sports activity.  I expect a full recovery.

Most unstable knees are treated with surgery, costing tens of thousands of dollars. The stem cells can accelerate and help healing at a fraction of the cost of surgery.