Bet you never knew you could use duct tape for DIY wart removal!

Simple application of household duct tape to a troublesome wart in two-day increments will result in painless wart removal.

For detailed instructions and more information on this method of wart remedy, go to Warts Information Center.

Does it really work? Here are the steps one of our patients (Steve) used and the results he experienced!

“This wart was over two years in the making. It was located in the inner right thigh just above the knee and had grown to the size of a dime and a 1/4 inch high. It had developed a hard shell that caused the growing portion to become trapped and was extremely painful. Below are the steps I used to remove this wart.”

shot 1

At start of procedure

Step 1: If the wart is in an area with body hair…shave the area surrounding the wart so the duck tape will stick. Cleanse and dry thoroughly.

shot 2

With duct tape applied

Step 2: Apply a piece of duct tape over the wart smoothing the edge so it will stick. This was my first application and I used a way bigger piece of tape then necessary. As I repeated these steps, I cut the tape down to about 1/2 inch larger than the wart.

shot 3

After duct tape removed

Step 3: Every two days in the morning take off the duct tape. The wart and immediately surrounding skin will have become moist and turned white. This is the same thing that happens if you have ever worn a pair of plastic gloves for hours and noticed when removing the gloves that your fingers are white and wrinkly from the excess moisture. At this point it is easy and painless to scratch away the dead moist white skin covering the wart with your finger nail.

shot 4

Skin scratched away

Now that the remaining wart is clear of old cover skin you should repeat the steps above . Additionally you can apply some liquid wart remover (active ingredient – salicylic acid) as I did to help with the process.

shot 5

Almost completely gone

This last photo is three weeks after the start of the treatment. The wart is completely gone with only small scaring left. I’m in the process now of using a scar removal technique called ScarAway.

As you can see from a search for scar removal there are many different products and techniques available for completing this last step.

And for that finale: NO More Wart…YEA