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Back Pain

I have managed a herniated disk L4, L5 for over 25 years. Spine mis-alignment is a frequent occurrence. During and after chiropractic re-alignment there is significant pain, Days! Nerve pain, ligament pain, muscle pain, inflammation. WHATEVER. I limped into Metta Health Care with a pain level of 8. I received an injection and walked out 30 minutes later with a pain level of 2. This “flare-up” usually puts me down hard for 7 to 10 days. Three days after pain occurred, I could function. 12 days later, I am back to work and still feeling great.

MH, Star ID

Interstitial Cystitis

I had chronic pain every time I would fill up or empty my bladder. I was urinating every 20 to 30 minutes day or night.

Now I am up only three times at night. Urgency can last 15 minutes, so I have time during the day to find a bathroom. I can now go 90 minutes without having to find a bathroom.

I wish I had heard about Dr. Huycke’s treatment when I first got this condition.

If you follow Dr. Huycke’s protocol, you can overcome any problems you have with your body. You must remember it is not a McDonald’s quick fix. She does not just treat symptoms, she goes for the root cause and helps your body to cure itself.



I came in for relief of my migraines. I had a left slight temple headache. She injected a shot into my back and I had instant relief in my head soon after. Myt head felt clearer and my upper traps felt open and less restricted. I had an overall sense of well being.

VL, myofascial PT assistant

Low Back Pain

I hurt my lower back cleaning my motorcycle. While chiropractic helped some, the procaine/ozone injections were amazing. By the time I walked out of Dr. Huycke’s office, my back was almost normal! I continued my chiropractic for a few weeks and I still do my back exercises However, the injections were incredible. Give it a try, if you’ve hurt your back.

GS, motorcyclist


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