I have been reviewing DVD’s from Doctor Dietrich Klinghardt, who is a medical doctor who specializes in natural medicine, and especially Lymes disease and autism.  I would like to pass on some interesting things from the tapes.

Mercury causes Alzeheimer’s disease and brain dysfunction.  Almost all fish have mercury in their flesh, but eating the fish protects you from the damage of the heavy metals.  So, the caveat is to eat your fish!  Fish lowest in mercury are catfish, blue crab, croaker, flounder, haddock, trout.  Fish highest in mercury are shark, swordfish, tilefish, and tuna steak.

The prions (microscopic evidence) of mad cow disease are found in farmed fish.  It is very rare to get wild fish at a restaurant.  I would recommend you buy wild fish and eat it at home, or scrutinize your restaurants as to whether they serve wild fish.

Cordless phones have strong electromagnetic influences on humans.  It is recommended that you have phones that plug into the wall (this is safest), or cell phones.  Cell phones have electromagnetic pollution as well.  Never hold the phone to your head, use speaker phone.  Check your teenaged girls, they like to have their phones under their pillows at night.  This is very prolonged exposure and dangerous.  Don’t wear your cell phone, or you will certainly have problems in the part of the body closeby.  If you have to have a cordless phone, unplug it at night.

Black clothes dampen the immune system, which can be seen in measurable blood tests.  Wear rainbow colors!

A patient told me that Ivory soap bar under the sheets helped his restless legs!  Anyone else have any experience with this?

Men: When you come to give blood for a PSA, don’t have sex or ejaculate for 48 hours before your test, it will cause a false elevation.  We don’t want to have to draw your blood twice!