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What should we do to protect ourselves from the smoke on a day to day basis?

My first (OK, maybe second or third) activity of the day is to check the air quality on If the air quality is above 50 or yellow alert, I don’t bike to work or exercise outside (I am very sensitive to smoke). I recommended the same for people with heart or lung diseases (asthma, angina, allergies, chronic sinusitis, etc), for older folks (if they are more predisposed to heart and lung disease) and children (who breathe more air per pound than adults). I don’t think anyone should exercise outside with air quality over 100 or orange alert. And if the air quality gets in the red zone, I suggest we all move to Hawaii.

You can improve indoor air quality by keeping the windows and doors closed. Run the air conditioner but keep the fresh-air intake closed and the filter clean to prevent outdoor smoke from getting inside.

Avoid activities that increase indoor pollution, such as burning candles, fireplaces or gas stoves, vacuuming (darn!) and smoking.


Credits to Ann Huycke and Jeanine Butler.

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A Peppy Drink

Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929 developed a drink with the slogan “It takes the ouch out of the grouch”. His drink improved mood and cured hangovers and it’s name eventually become “7 Up”. The “7” represented the periodic number of the predominant element in the drink (which was actually 6.9 rounded up for you chemistry nerds). Can you name that element?

The element is lithium.

Incidentally, in many studies, lithium levels in the water correlates inversely with aggressive crime and suicide (the higher the lithium in the drinking water, the lower the crime and suicide rate). Lithium can also help Alzheimer’s disease.

Low level lithium supplementation is available in the health food store. Doses can vary from 300 mcg to 10 mg.

By the way, lithium was removed from 7-Up in the 50’s. Over the years, high fructose corn syrup or aspartame or splenda have been added. And that is no mood enhancer.

Greenblatt, J and Grossman, K, Townsend Letter 387: page 63-7.


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What is the preferred mask for city firefighters?

This mask is heavy and cumbersome, vision may be limited, and it requires an oxygen tank. This equipment is necessary because of the toxic building materials that are burning. If you choose to wear this during fire season, tell me how it goes when you make a withdrawal at your bank.




Credits to Ann Huycke and Jeanine Butler.

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What is the fire gear for the lungs most worn by the forest firefighters?

They wear no lung protection! There is minimal risk of short term smoke exposure causing lung cancer. There is however the possibility of allergies, bronchitis, cough, increased phlegm, fatigue, headaches, etc.

Why don’t they wear masks?

I spoke with a forest firefighter who told me that if they were given masks, they wouldn’t wear them. Their backpacks weigh 45 pounds in gear, food and water. A mask which is fully protective requires an oxygen tank, this respiratory protection adding 30 pounds of weight to their pack. Even lightweight N95 or N100 particle masks create work in sucking air through a filter, making hard physical labor much more arduous.


Credits to Ann Huycke and Jeanine Butler.

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Live Cell Analysis Using Dark Field Microscopy

An overview of what live cell analysis is and what conditions it may be able to identify.

By |August 17th, 2016|Videos|

Asthma Causes and Remedies

Dr Ann Huycke discusses help for you if you suffer from Asthma. What to avoid, what to do, and what to take.

Nuts – Are they Healthy?

Dr Ann Huycke discusses almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and more. Which ones are healthy, what nutrients they provide, and what to avoid.

By |August 17th, 2016|Videos|

Stroke Symptoms and Treatment using Hyperbaric Oxygen

Dr Ann Huycke discusses stroke symptoms and how to recover after the stroke using Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments.

By |August 17th, 2016|Therapy, Videos|

Thermography in Boise Idaho

Dr Ann Huycke talks about Thermography as the alternative protocol to Mammography for breast exams.

By |August 17th, 2016|For Women, Videos|

UVLrx Treatment System

This animated video depicts the biochemical activity generated by the wavelengths of light emitted by the UVLrx Station.

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