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Mild Chicken Curry

Easy Chicken Curry – Serves 4

1 T grapeseed or coconut oil
1 red onion, chopped (omit if sensitive)
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 lb. chicken breast, cut into bite sized pieces
(if you want to hurry things up, you can strip the white meat from a rotisserie chicken and add it later in the cooking process)
1 large sweet potato, cut into bite sized pieces
2 cups chicken broth
2 T curry powder
1/2 tsp. salt
a few shakes pepper
1 medium bunch broccoli, chopped into bite sized pieces, or 2 cups frozen peas
1/2 cup full fat canned coconut milk, (if this has separated in the can, stir together before measuring). If you want a lower fat option, you can use coconut milk from a carton, but your curry sauce will be very thin.)
1/2 tsp. turmeric
Riced cauliflower (optional)

In large skillet over medium heat, heat oil and sauté onion for a few minutes until softened. Add the garlic and stir for just another minute, you don’t want to scorch it! Add the chicken breast and cook for 3-4 minutes, until pieces are seared on the outside and partially cooked through.

Add the sweet potato and chicken broth and bring to a simmer for five minutes. Then, add the broccoli (or frozen peas) and spices and cook for another five minutes, until the sweet potatoes and broccoli are cooked through.

NOTE: if you opted for shredded rotisserie chicken, add it now.

Stir in the coconut milk and turmeric. Simmer for a few minutes to let the flavors blend, then taste and adjust seasonings.

Serve the curry by itself, or over riced cauliflower if desired.


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Meditation can do all of these things!

What one health activity can reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, lower “bad” cholesterol, reduces anxiety, reduces depression, enhances immune function, improve concentration and memory, help creativity, reduce insomnia and pain, AND reduce crime? This sounds like a tall order, but one activity can tackle all the above.

Meditation can do all of these things!  Even more surprisingly, the Transcendental Meditators discovered, over multiple large experiments, that if a certain number of people gathered to meditate, it significantly decreased violent crime. It even helped the government function better! Click below to read more.

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What can you do about that pesky toenail fungus?

You can get a prescription for Lamasil, which can be hard on the liver, or you could try this low-tech solution.

Debride under the nail daily.  Put a few drops of either tea tree oil or oregano oil or ozone oil under the nail that you have just cleaned out. Then put a few drops at the origin of the nail along the cuticle.  The oregano oil might be a bit strong for some. If it irritates your skin, you can dilute that oil 1:3 in olive oil or fractionated coconut oil.  You can use one oil only, or rotate the three using a different one each day.  This rotation doesn’t allow the fungus to adapt to the oils, so that is a good strategy.  It may take up to a year of this treatment to be fully effective.

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Should women with a family history of breast cancer take hormones?

Women are more likely to have long-term negative health problems from osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease, dementia, and lost teeth from gingivitis if they are low in female hormones. The incidence of cancer is not statistically significantly lower for women who don’t take hormones. If you would like to know more about bio-identical hormones for women, please make an appointment today. 208 658-5570.

Hospital Practice August 15, 1999.

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Flu Season 2018

As you know, the flu season is particularly bad this year, even for those who got vaccinated. Here’s a remedy you may want to have on hand for preventative purposes, or if you or someone in your family catches it.

Colostrum LD® is a powerful, natural anti-viral treatments that has been shown to reduce illness and antibiotic use in children in daycare settings. Here’s what Sovereign Labs has to say about their product: “Unlike a flu shot, which takes 7-14 days to become fully effective, Colostrum-LD® goes to work immediately. And because flu viruses are continually mutating, vaccine development cannot keep pace. On the other hand, the immune components in colostrum help the immune system react quickly to fend off new forms of the flu virus.”

We carry Sovereign remedies in our pharmacy if you want to stock up during winter flu months. Call ahead to make sure they’re in stock. 208 658-5570. We can also ship them directly to you.

For more information:

Could Stem Cell Therapy change your life?

Stem Cell Therapy is an exciting new therapy that uses stem cells to treat illnesses. If you or someone you know suffers from any of the following, you won’t want to miss this talk.
Arthritis* Parkinson’s* Stroke* Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)* Lupus* Joint Injuries* Traumatic Brain Injury* Multiple Sclerosis* Autism* Type 1 Diabetes… and many more.

Could Stem Cell Therapy Change your life?
When: April 23rd at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Timberline High School, 701 East Boise Ave, Boise, ID
Reservations required. Please sign up through

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Adulterated Tea

The long list of fraudulent and dangerous food additives is daunting. Not that we needed evidence of mankind’s thirst for increasing profits at the expense of consumer welfare. No doubt our tea leaves are also victim to the trend.

A search for ‘tea’ returns around 20 results of bad additives and trickery; colored saw dust, Prussian blue, and copper salts. Prussian blue?! That is a lovely pigment, but I wouldn’t want to find it in the bottom of my cup. Also, included in this list should be indigo, soapstone and gypsum.  According to Babette Donaldson in her book, The Everything Healthy Tea Book, the most common deceptive practice is probably price gouging, where a company misrepresents a less valuable tea as something rare and high priced. Another common form of tea fraud is to give the tea a non-authentic geographic origin.

To identify adulterated tea:  Pour a teaspoon of tea dust/leaf into a glass of cold water.  If the tea is pure the water won’t change color. If it is dyed or a colorant added, then one can see the water color change immediately to red.  Alternately, you can take blotting paper, wet it and sprinkle tea on the surface.  If you see yellow, orange or red spots on the blotting paper, the tea has been treated with coal tar dye.

From Worldteanews 10.11.12


Here are the top 10 types of teas contaminated with toxic heavy metals:

Green Tea
A recent study found lead in a number of popular green tea brands, particularly those that hail from China, which are contaminated with heavy metals.  Most of the lead stays in the leaves, however, and does not necessarily get into the tea itself.  Don’t chew the tea leaves if you […]

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Success story! Knee Instability and Stem Cells

A 60 year-old man complained to me of knee pain after a hard tennis landing about a year before his visit.  He told me he couldn’t do his usual activities such as tennis, golf or basketball because the knee felt “loose”. On exam, he did have significant looseness of the knee joint.  This instability makes a person afraid to rely on the joint to support them in daily and sports activities.

An MRI showed a medial meniscal tear.  We injected stem cells into his joint in March 2017.  He wore a knee brace for 3 weeks after the injection. At his appointment last week, there was no instability.  The patient had been protecting his knee all this time, and had not been participating in sports.  I sent him to physical therapy to start a graduated exercise program to get him back to full sports activity.  I expect a full recovery.

Most unstable knees are treated with surgery, costing tens of thousands of dollars. The stem cells can accelerate and help healing at a fraction of the cost of surgery.

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How can you get rid of those pesky skin tags at home?

How can you get rid of those pesky skin tags at home? What serious medical condition can be associated with skin tags?

Skin tags can be removed at home with oregano oil.  Keep the oil on the skin tag and paint down to the base of the skin tag.  You might want to put Vaseline on the normal skin to protect it from burning from the oregano oil.  If you have sensitive skin, dilute the oregano oil 1:3 with extra virgin organic olive oil or coconut oil.

Obesity and diabetes are associated with skin tags.  If you have many skin tags, you might want to get a blood sugar test.

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What is the best way to wash apples?

Baking soda
Laundry detergent

Turns out the best way to remove pesticides from the peel of the apple is to peel it.  But then you are missing the nutritive value of the peel.

In order to remove the two fungicides tested (thiabendazole and phosmet) a 1% baking soda solution in tap water tested best. Mix 1 tsp. baking soda per 2 cups of water, and soak the apples for 15 minutes before eating.

Thiabendazole was 80% removed (this penetrates 80 micrometers into the apple peel and the baking soda can only penetrate 20 micrometers which explains why the removal wasn’t higher).  The phosmet was 96% removed.

Running tap water or using a bleach solution over the apples was ineffective.  And ewww, don’t use laundry detergent on food!

Or…avoid all the above by buying organic apples!

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