Where’s the Beef?

What common fast food meat is 93% corn?

If you thought you were eating mostly grass-fed beef when you bit into a Big Mac, think again: The bulk of a fast-food hamburger from McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s is made from cows that eat primarily corn, or so says a new study of the chemical composition of more than 480 fast-food burgers from across the nation. Fast food beef.

And what are the chances these same fast food burgers are made from beef fed organic corn? Probably none! Chances are all of that corn feed is GMO corn.


Which of these three mushrooms has the highest anticancer properties: the shiitake, morels, or button mushrooms?

More about the lowly white button mushroom.


What foodstuff overall has the highest anticancer properties, and how much do you need to ingest to get adequate protection?

Green tea (preferably organic), and drink 5 cups a day.