Information from the Chernobyl accident has helped us make decisions having to do with nuclear fallout.  Adults over 40 have almost no risk for thyroid cancer following nuclear fallout.  From 20 to 40 years old, the risk is small.  The risk of thyroid cancer is high in children and fetuses.  So if there is risk of radiation fallout, you might want to protect you children by giving them iodine before the fallout hits and daily until the risk has passed.

We have SSKI in the office.  We have diluted it for convenient dosing for children.

For adults the dose is 8 drops a day, including pregnant women.

  • For children the dose is 4 drops a day, if the child is over 150 lbs give the adult dose.
  • For infants (1 month to 12 months old) the dose is 2 drops a day
  • For neonates (under 28 days) the dose is 1 drop a day.

Dilute the iodine in 4 ounces of water or juice.

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