What does a hysterectomy scar have to do with an irritable bladder? What does a prostate ailment have to do with the front teeth?

Sometimes, people can have injuries or surgeries or infections or foreign bodies which can disturb the electrical system causing interference fields. The electrical system of the body relays information up and down the body, and the Chinese called these meridians. Injured tissue can send faulty information to areas away from the original injury. For example, one lady in our practice had a hysterectomy over 20 years ago, and has recently developed an “busy bladder”. When her surgical incision was treated with a simple, fast injection, she had almost complete resolution of her symptoms.

Procaine is the substance injected into the injured tissues. It is a very safe, fast-acting anesthetic, which breaks down into B vitamin complexes, and has pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine like properties. Very few complications occur from the use of this medication.

Another example of interference field neurotherapy was one gentleman’s chronic prostate problems. The prostate frequently connects with the front teeth, and the ailment was traced to his upper front teeth. I recommended he go to the dentist. The dentist examined him, and probed the area of concern and found a pus pocket. When it was fully drained, his prostate ailment was resolved.