DHA (docosahexanoic acid) is an omega 3 essential fatty acid which may be critical for maximal intellectual functioning in children.

Low levels of DHA were found in children from 7-9 years old with behavioral problems, poor memory and poor reading.

Infants who were supplemented with omega 3 fatty acids outperformed unsupplemented infants when they were retested between 3 and 5 years on rule learning, vocabulary and intelligence testing.

DHA provides the building block for neurological functioning in the fetus. A woman needs to supplement during pregnancy to provide optimal nutrition for her unborn child. We cannot produce omega 3 fatty acids, and they must be obtained from the diet. Optimal sources include wild fish, liver and brain. The best fish is wild caught Alaska salmon.

Finally, to enhance thinking in the later years and as a prevention to Alzheimer’s disease, supplementation with 900 mg of DHA can enhance cognitive function.

Sometimes, the easiest way to enhance your omega 3 fatty acids is to take a supplement.

We have essential fatty acids in our pharmacy from Genestra which are caught off the coast of Peru, and contain no mercury contamination. They may be taken liquid (orange flavoring), in gel capsules or in chewable Pediaburst for children which provide a convenient way to assure optimal mental functioning at any age.