I recently watched Ty Bolinger’s The Truth About Vaccines, a seven part series available on the internet.  I learned a few things.  Take my little quiz.  Let’s see if you know these things I didn’t…

    • Paul Offit recommended the rotovirus vaccine to be added to the vaccine schedule while he sat on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.  Rotovirus is usually a mild diarrheal infection of infants. He also was the seller of the vaccine he recommended.  How much profit did he make from his recommendation?
    • $29 million dollars.  I’m sure he was only thinking of the children….
    • Guardicil the vaccine for cervical cancer has been associated with causing which cancer?
      Cervical cancer.
    • The CDC whistle-blower William Thompson exposed the CDC in their manipulation and hiding of the research association between the MMR vaccine and autism.  This research came out about 13 years ago.  What number of children could have been spared autism if the CDC had reported and taken action on this data?
    • What right are parents denied when the CDC reports fraudulent data?
      The right to informed consent.
    • What is a possible relationship between prostate cancer and vaccines?
      Mouse related viral particles have been found in prostate cancers.  The only way researchers can fathom how the particles could get there would be through vaccination.
    • What disease is on the up swing now that chicken pox is rare?
      Herpes zoster or shingles.
    • Vaccination reactions seem to be associated with the massive increase in vaccinations in the past 2 decades. What one action could do the most to decrease the number of vaccine reactions?
      Hold the makers of the vaccines financially responsible for injuries to the people they harm.  Currently the government has a program to compensate victims of vaccine injuries.  The manufacturers of vaccines have no incentive to slow down the schedule of vaccinations or to stop adding new, trivial and poorly tested vaccines.