Ever wondered what a single drop of blood could tell you about your state of health? With state-of-the-art darkfield microscopy, your blood can tell us so much!

A darkfield microscope lets your doctor immediately evaluate the shapes and other properties of individual blood cells. Like thermography, which shows changes in the breast tissue years before a mammogram will detect them, darkfield allows us to assess issues in the blood when they are in their infancy.

By monitoring your blood through a darkfield microscope, your doctor can assist in ‘balancing’ the blood with supplements and lifestyle recommendations.

Spring Special! While we normally charge $229 for a darkfield analysis and doctor’s interpretation and recommendations, through mid-May we are offering this diagnosis for only $179–a $50 savings. This special is for current medical patients only. Your appointment will include obtaining the blood, an analysis by our nurse, and nutritional recommendations from Dr. Huycke.


Please call us at 208 658-5570 for your appointment.