It has been a year since the hyperbaric chamber arrived at Metta Health Care.

Since then, we have successfully treated a variety of conditions, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, wounds, fatigue and crush injuries.

I have been privileged to watch the progress of Kim Cherry, who has the devastating diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) which is a progressive neurologic disease.  Kim has done ozone and hyperbaric oxygen therapies several times a week for about 18 months.  Kim has had an excellent recovery for a disease that offers nothing but a death sentence.

I can attest to his progress. You may want to visit his website ALS Winners – The Road to Recovery.

Hyperbarics can also be used for traumatic brain injuries (motor vehicle accidents, football injuries, etc), cerebral palsy, autism, incomplete spinal cord injuries and cardiac disease. Please get the word out about hyperbarics to your friends and family.  It offers hope where sometimes there is none.

Here is what our patients are saying about hyperbarics:

My mother has a history of strokes and after completing the hyperbaric treatment she has no more TIAs


My hyperbaric treatments dramatically reduced both my pain and nausea, from which I have sought a successful remedy for 18 years


In 2011, I was diagnosed with ALS by a local physician and told I had, at best, two years to live with no hope of productive treatments. However, after completing ozone and hyperbaric therapies, dramatic improvements to my condition were seen. With the use of these therapies, I have obtained a better quality of life and dimished my ALS symptoms.


Following a stroke I experienced paralysis localized to one side of my body, after my hyperbaric treatments with Dr. Huycke, I can now walk without a cane and have much of my movement back that was diminished by the stroke.


Please check out our extensive section on hyperbaric oxygen therapy.