Arsenic is prevalent in our drinking water in Boise. To get this out of your house water, install a reverse osmosis filter, or a whole-house filtration unit. An easy portable fix is to have your family buy EcoFlo water filters. They are portable stainless steel water bottles, and they will filter out pesticides and chlorine. Encourage your children to take them to school, and fill them up with water from the water fountains or faucets. They are about $40 and are available online. Disclosure: I am not affiliated with EcoFlo financially, but wish I was.

Air fresheners are related to agent orange. Don’t use them. Disclosure: I’m not affiliated with any air fresheners and I’m glad I’m not.

Elevated lead levels are associated with decreased IQ in children, and coronary heart disease in adults. Adults (my age) are from the leaded generation: leaded paint and leaded gasoline. All constuction workers have lead toxicity. A sneaky way to be exposed to lead is in wine, especially wine-in-a-box. You can check the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for exact levels of your favorite libation. There are also high lead levels in Moderna basalmic vinegar because there are high lead levels in the soil in Moderna, Italy.

Mercury is very prevalent in people with a lot of vaccinations, or silver amalgam fillings. Another significant source of mercury is high fructose corn syrup. The average teenager’s soda consumption can cause mercury toxicity. Finally, sushi is a significant source of mercury, especially the larger fish (shark, swordfish, tile fish, king mackerel, albacore and tuna). Ever wonder why we limit the recommendations for pregnant women and not for the rest of us? If the government is telling pregnant women to limit their fish consumption, I am following those guidelines, at the very least.

Arsenic exposure can occur during children’s play because of the treated lumber on the playground wood. After taking children to the park, have them wash their hands after play. TEACHERS! Please have the kids wash their hands after recess if they are playing on treated wood jungle gyms.

We will be offering heavy metal urine testing at the office. It will involve collecting an overnight urine sample, taking Captomer (a heavy metal chelator) pills, and collecting another 6 hours of urine. Cost is about $329. if you’ve had normal kidney function on lab tests in the past year (this would show up on a chem 14, a common test I order, and most people should have it in their charts if they have had any labs drawn.) Results for heavy metals testing take about 2 weeks. I will probably discontinue the hair analysis, because hair mercury levels are not accurate.

I would recommend heavy metals testing for all people with cardiovascular disease, fatigue, fibromyalgia, autism, heavy fish consumption, multiple silver amalgam fillings, heavy consumption of grocery store chicken, usage of skin lightening creams (which contain high levels of mercury), smokers, glass blowers, jewelry makers, welders, plumbers, multiple vaccinations, auto mechanics,painters, wine drinkers who drink from the box, heavy soda consumers and anyone else who is concerned.

If you are interested in detoxifying your heavy metals in a safe way without seeing me, I would recommend BioPure’s chlorella, which is designed to slowly and safely absorb heavy metals through the intestines. I would NOT recommend just any chlorella. Some companies grow the chlorella in contaminated waters, so that when you get the chlorella, the absorptive surfaces have been taken up, and you might get more heavy metal toxicity from an inferior product. The chlorella is taken 20 minutes before meals, and at bedtime. The Biopure product, Core, is a mineral supplement to replace the unfortunate, but predictable uptake by chlorella of your good minerals. 10 tablets of chlorella are recommended for each dosing for adults. You can lower the dosage for children proportionately. You cannot overdose a child if they get into the chlorella. Chlorella is great for autistic children.