Heavy Metal Toxicity in Well Water

Do you get your drinking water from a well? Is the well water safe? Most people will tell me their well has been tested by the county authorities. This test determines if there are coliforms (or microorganisms associated with fecal contamination). It does NOT test for heavy metals, which can also affect your health. Do you know if you have heavy metals in your well water?

Idaho’s water contains high arsenic and fluoride levels, which could be hard on your health. Use Wikipedia to research arsenic poisoning and fluoride poisoning.

You may order a test to check for heavy metal toxicity in your ground water at Doctor’s Data Lab. The test is called “Comprehensive Drinking Water Test” and costs $129. A pre-paid sample collection kit will be sent to your home for collection and you can send the sample back in the mail. We do not carry the kit at our office, but you can directly order through Doctor’s Data. This test can provide you with detailed information on what your water really contains. Click here to view sample report.

If your groundwater contains a high level of toxic metals, consider testing yourself to make certain you have not absorbed abnormal amounts. These tests we do carry in our office. Contact us at 208.658.5570 for more information.