Are you looking forward to summer camping trips and cookouts, but hate the thought of spraying yourself with toxic chemicals to prevent insect bites?

Vitamin B1– Supplement with one Vitamin B-1 tablet a day from April through October, and add 100 mg of B-1 to a B-100 complex daily during mosquito season. While this won’t prevent all bites, it can help decrease how good you taste to mosquitoes.

Avon Skin-so-Soft™–I grew up in the Midewest, and we frequently used this prevention remedy on camping trips.

Vicks-Vaporub™–according to Rodale’s Organic Life (, this remedy works well–if you and your companions can tolerate the smell.

Avoid bananas during mosquito season–there’s something about how your body processes the banana oil that attracts female mosquitoes.

To keep the pests away from your home or yard, plant marigolds. For outdoor gatherings, consider lighting up with Citronella candles.

Eucalyptus compounds can also work well. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers lemon eucalyptus oil as a top choice for protection against mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus.

Also consider mosquito dunks to keep larvae from hatching. Place around your home monthly anywhere you have standing water–ponds, water features, flowerpots, rain gutters, and birdbaths. These are made with the pesticide Bti, which is not toxic to plants or animals.


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