Gardasil is a vaccine for HPV (human papilloma virus) which is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. Gary Null PhD and Nancy Ashley have written an article in the Feb/Mar 2014 Townsend Letter entitled “Gardasil: Child Abuse by Big Pharma”.

hpv-vaccine-incidentsThe highlights of this article: Pap smears have decreased the incidence of cervical cancer by 80% to a few thousand cases a year, and the vast majority of HPV cases ressolved on their own. There is no need for universal vaccination of young women for a disease which has been almost controlled with current preventative methods.

Gardasil only “prevents” 4 HPV strains, however there are 150 other types of HPV, at least 15 of which could cause cancer.

Gardasil was rushed to market without adequate safety testing, and without solid evidence that it has any impact on cervical cancer at all. It takes 20 to 40 years to prove that anything impacts cancer statistics, and the Gardasil studies were concluded after 5 years.

Please read the article to further understand the disreputable research done by the manufacturer, including eliminating girls in the study whose results did not support the vaccine. An additional adverse effect was that some girls end up getting HPV from the vaccine.

There is concern that Guardasil will give women a false sense of security, and they will not get regular Pap smears, which could lead to an increase in cervical cancer.

gardasilGardasil is the most toxic vaccine given to children. There have been 1300 reported adverse events from Gardasil and 108 deaths.

It is believed this is a fraction of the actual reactions. Typically 10-20% of vaccination reactions are reported.

The vaccine is not safe! The main reactions to the vaccine are auto-immune and neurologic. The adverse effects range from encephalitis, to blindness, chronic fatigue, memory loss, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre, ALS (amylotrophic lateral sclerosis). There have been 41 reported cases of cervical cancer!

Gardasil has also been associated with birth defects and miscarriage.

Gardasil, since it is a new vaccine, does not have a list of specific injuries associated with it, and the governmental vaccine court (which compensates vaccination injuries) has placed the burden of proof of causation on the victim. This makes compensation or even recognition of injury a legal and expensive issue.

If you are interested in “how this could go down at the state level”, read the article Guard Against Gardasil – what’s happening in Texas…

This vaccine is very expensive at $120 minimum per shot, and 3 shots are recommended.

It only lasts 5 years. It is being mandated for all children, and if 45% of children are low income, the government will be crippled dispensing this vaccine to school children.

There is no evidence that Gardasil will prevent HPV or anal cancer in males. Therefore, the answer to the title question is: No! The vaccine is not safe for girls, it isn’t safe for boys either.