Google any health topic and you will find far too much information! And, since many studies contradict other studies, trying to sort through all those websites could take years. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding health and hormones:

Q. My understanding is that testosterone causes cancer in the prostate. Is this true?
A. Prostate cancer is present in an average of 1 of 7 men with a PSA (the blood test measuring the prostate specific antigen) of less than 4 (Urology 68 (6), 2006). Thousands, if not millions of men are on testosterone now, and there has been no resurgence in prostate cancer. Therefore, we can conclude that testosterone has not caused an increased incidence of cancer in the prostate.

Q. My husband is taking testosterone, and his testicles have shrunk. Does this mean he’s sterile?
A. Absolutely not. Use birth control if you do not want children.

Q. What is the best type of calcium to take?
A. Calcium carbonate is contaminated with lead. Calcium gluconate or calcium lactate or coral calcium that is easily assimilated would be better choices.

Q. I had terrible muscle pains with Lipator. Can I take red rice yeast?
A. Yes, the red rice yeast does not seem to be associated with this side effect, even though this product acts very much like the Lipator.

Q. Does taking Vitamin C protect my heart?
A. Yes, the mortality was half in the group of research subjects with the highest Vitamin C
levels (Lancet 2001;357-63). A prudent dose would be at least 2000 mg per day.

Q. I have prostate cancer, and I understand I should take multi-vitamin and multi-mineral daily. Is this true?
A Partially true, your multi-mineral should not contain iron or copper in your circumstance.

Q. Progesterone is such a good hormone for women, and balances estrogen. What does it do for men?
A. Progesterone is a very inflammatory for men, and is not recommended.

Q. The WHI (Women’s Health Initiative) study showed that women on Premarin and Provera had more heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Are all hormones bad, and should never be taken by anyone?
A. In the WHI, Premarin was used as the source of estrogen, and comes from horse urine. Even though this estrogen is not the same as what we have in our bodies, the benefi ts of this horse estrogen far outweighed the risks. Women on estrogen therapy have a lower risk of macular degeneration, stroke, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, tooth loss, osteoporosis, fatigue and depression.

The Provera in the WHI study is a synthetic form of progesterone. The increased risk of breast cancer was from the Provera, not the estrogen (J Natl Cancer Inst 92(4): 3280332, 2000). Natural progesterone is preventative against breast cancers (Eur J Cancer Prev 2002 Oct;11(5): 481-8).

Q. What is the number one thing you would prescribe to prevent cancer?
A. That’s easy, exercise.

Q. I hear there is a scanner for prostate that is very accurate. Do we have one in Boise?
A. You must be talking about the MRI-S scanner (Tessla 3), which is very accurate in diagnosing prostate cancer. We do not have this scanner in our area, yet.

Q. My doctor says I need to take Lipator for my high cholesterol. Is it safe?
A. All statins block Coenzyme Q 10 production. This antioxidant is critical for optimal
cardiac functioning. It must be given in 100-300 mg per day to prevent depletion, and is highly recommended by most  doctors.