restoreRestore is the first dietary supplement to promote a healthy barrier between tight junctions in the gut wall. This product provides the communication network to support normal immune function. Restore is the first supplement on the market that functions as an antidote to glyphosate (Round-Up) and gluten and GMO (genetically modified food) injury at the tight junction. Although a person can go gluten free and avoid GMO’s, it is almost impossible to avoid glyphosates, especially since they have been found in the air and rainwater.  We probably need Restore to keep up with these mounting environmental challenges.

The need to remove toxins from the body immediately suggests that there has been a breach in the body’s natural lines of defense and the vast mechanisms for toxin removal have been overwhelmed. To reach this state of toxin overload, many things have gone wrong. The root injury in this situation is leaky tight junctions (the Velcro that holds the cells together to form a membrane). As gut membranes start to leak, the primary barriers are lost and toxins enter the bloodstream. Tight junction damage in blood vessels leads to toxin movement into tissue, including fat cells and the brain. As this process continues, cell coping mechanisms are overwhelmed and the body compartments actually become increasingly susceptible to more toxins creating a vicious cycle of mounting toxicity. The result is chronic inflammation and resulting diseases including diabetes, autism, and cancer.

Many people starting Restore have noted almost immediate signs of toxin clearance from the body. Urine, sweat, breath, and skin can all reveal toxin clearance. This is the result of the extremely rapid changes in the tight junction integrity as Restore gets at the root cause of body toxicity. To be clear, Restore does not detoxify anything. The body’s natural systems, once back online with intelligent membranes, reassume all the natural detoxification pathways.

Usage: 1 teaspoon three times a day before or with meals for those over age 2, and 1/4 teaspoon three times for under two years old. You can increase to 1 tablespoon three times daily to support health goals.  It is recommended to NOT take prebiotics or probiotics while on Restore.

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