Talk to your legislators!

I talked with Fred Wood, the Chair of the Health and Welfare Committee at the Capitol in early autumn.  I was interested in the possibility of mandatory vaccination in Idaho and the possibility of medical marijuana.

What do you suppose he told me?

California has instituted mandatory vaccinations as a condition of public education for children. Fred told me the state has no plans to institute anything like this policy.

Idaho cannot allow medical marijuana because our laws tie the use of marijuana into the federal rulings.  Until there is a change in national policy, Idaho state law prohibits marijuana for any use, including medicinal.

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If you’re wondering about what’s in that vaccine…

I recently watched Ty Bolinger’s The Truth About Vaccines, a seven part series available on the internet.  I learned a few things.  Take my little quiz.  Let’s see if you know these things I didn’t…

Paul Offit recommended the rotovirus vaccine to be added to the vaccine schedule while he sat on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.  Rotovirus is usually a mild diarrheal infection of infants. He also was the seller of the vaccine he recommended.  How much profit did he make from his recommendation?
$29 million dollars.  I’m sure he was only thinking of the children….

Guardicil the vaccine for cervical cancer has been associated with causing which cancer?
Cervical cancer.

The CDC whistle-blower William Thompson exposed the CDC in their manipulation and hiding of the research association between the MMR vaccine and autism.  This research came out about 13 years ago.  What number of children could have been spared autism if the CDC had reported and taken action on this data?

What right are parents denied when the CDC reports fraudulent data?
The right to informed consent.

What is a possible relationship between prostate cancer and vaccines?
Mouse related viral particles have been found in prostate cancers.  The only way researchers can fathom how the particles could get there would be through vaccination.

What disease is on the up swing now that chicken pox is rare?
Herpes zoster or shingles.

Vaccination reactions seem to be associated with the massive increase in vaccinations in the past 2 decades. What one action could do the most to decrease the number of vaccine reactions?
Hold the makers of the vaccines financially responsible for injuries to the people they harm.  Currently the […]

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Ebola – from the doctor

Ebola has spread to 4 countries. From the CDC Ebola response roadmap: As of Sept 24 the total number of probable, confirmed and suspected cases in the current outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa was 6263 with 2917 deaths. There may be under-reporting of the ill and dead because the health care system has broken down.

There is fear of the people that if they go to clinics or hospitals, they will catch the disease. There is fear from health care workers that they will be infected from their patients. Families are encouraged to care for their sick relatives at home, which could lead to an under-reporting of the ill/dead. Liberia just completed a mandatory quarantine for 3 days in which time 30,000 health workers health care workers went door to door to assess the extent of the epidemic. Nonetheless, the authorities which have finally quarantined cities, have not curtailed air traffic in these countries.

The CDC claims Ebola is not currently an airborne disease among humans. There was an experiment in 2012 where piglets were infected with Ebola and put in wire cages next to monkeys and 2 monkeys were infected. There was no physical contact between these species. However, this experiment may not apply to humans…yet the ARMY’s public research documents make such a clear case that the Ebola airborne risk is here and now.

Ebola is an unusual virus in that it can be transmitted before the person feels ill. The infection’s symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, muscle aches, and headaches. All these symptoms could be confused with the flu in the beginning stages. The incubation period could range from 2 to 21 days. This could give ample time for […]

Gardasil Revisited – Is It Good Enough for the Boys?

Gardasil is a vaccine for HPV (human papilloma virus) which is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. Gary Null PhD and Nancy Ashley have written an article in the Feb/Mar 2014 Townsend Letter entitled “Gardasil: Child Abuse by Big Pharma”.

The highlights of this article: Pap smears have decreased the incidence of cervical cancer by 80% to a few thousand cases a year, and the vast majority of HPV cases ressolved on their own. There is no need for universal vaccination of young women for a disease which has been almost controlled with current preventative methods.

Gardasil only “prevents” 4 HPV strains, however there are 150 other types of HPV, at least 15 of which could cause cancer.

Gardasil was rushed to market without adequate safety testing, and without solid evidence that it has any impact on cervical cancer at all. It takes 20 to 40 years to prove that anything impacts cancer statistics, and the Gardasil studies were concluded after 5 years.

Please read the article to further understand the disreputable research done by the manufacturer, including eliminating girls in the study whose results did not support the vaccine. An additional adverse effect was that some girls end up getting HPV from the vaccine.

There is concern that Guardasil will give women a false sense of security, and they will not get regular Pap smears, which could lead to an increase in cervical cancer.

Gardasil is the most toxic vaccine given to children. There have been 1300 reported adverse events from Gardasil and 108 deaths.

It is believed this is a fraction of the actual reactions. Typically 10-20% of vaccination reactions are reported.

The vaccine is not safe! The main reactions to the vaccine are auto-immune and neurologic. The adverse effects range […]

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Radiation Protection

What We Can Do:
There are ways to mitigate the effects of this dangerous radiation. One is to take supplements that prevent the radioactive elements from settling in our bodies. Here’s a link to an article that explains why protecting ourselves BEFORE radiation exposure is so important:

I recommend that you acquire some supplements in advance ‘just in case’, because it is important to saturate our bodies with minerals before we encounter any radioactivity. We carry the following supplements in our office. Call 208 658-5570 to order.

To prevent Iodide 131 from settling in the body, use Iodoral, a non-radioactive iodide supplement. An adult can take one tablet a day. SSKI, a liquid source of iodine, is perfect for infants and children. SSKI needs to be ordered from a compounding pharmacy.

Cesium 137 is similar to potassium, so taking Iodoral, which contains some potassium, can help prevent absorption. Mega-Min has potassium as well. You can also buy Morton’s Salt Substitute, which contains potassium chloride, and use this as you would use salt in cooking and seasoning.

Use calcium supplements, or non-radioactive Strontium, to prevent absorption of Strontium 90. Mega-Min has calcium in protective amounts.

Mega-Min also contains Selenium, which is protective against cancer in general.
Be Prepared:
In the event of a nuclear meltdown, I recommend the following supplements/dosages:

Adult Daily Dose:

2 Mega-Mins
1 Strontium
1 Iodoral
Vitamin C 1000mg 3 times a day
Vitamin D 5000iu per day

Note: Cancer patients can take 6 Mineral 650 (a supplement that does not contain copper or iron), 1 Strontium, and 1 Iodoral per day.

Keep the Morton’s salt substitute handy and sprinkle it on food.

Call the office at 208 658-5570 to order the above supplements, or if you need a recommendation to a compounding pharmacy.

Vaccines and Brain Development

I viewed a very interesting video called “Vaccines and Brain Development”  by Dr. Russell Blaylock. You may have heard me mention Dr. Blaylock’s work on excitotoxins, and the toxicities of MSG and aspartame.  He is speaking out about vaccinations from the medical perspective, and his DVD is thought provoking.  I will have copies to lend out from the office.  Two interesting facts that I learned follow:

Many vaccines are manufactured in China.  Inspections of these manufacturing facilities occur infrequently and take place with our FDA inspectors standing outside the facility with a clipboard getting information from a Chinese official who is sent outside with paperwork.  There are no in-door inspections.  Considering our political relationship with China, isn’t this a bit like Lex Luthor making Superman’s lunch?  If there were any contamination in the vaccinations, it would only be discovered when our American population has side-effects from the vaccinations manufactured in China.
Hepatitis vaccination increases the incidence of multiple sclerosis by 300%.

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Gardasil and Manactra Vaccinations

This is the vaccination to prevent some forms of cervical cancer.

Gardasil has now been associated with 29 deaths in young girls.

Other reported serious side effects including loss of consciousness during the vaccination, muscle pain, extreme fatigue, autoimmune diseases and seizure disorders.

This vaccination was introduced after trials on only 1200 girls and serious side effects and deaths were considered coincidental.

Please inform yourself about Gardasil and Manactra (anti-meningicoccal or meningitis vaccine).

Check out the web site at National Vaccine Information Center, before choosing to vaccinate your children with these vaccines.

Also in Suzanne Somers book Breakthrough, read Dr. Russell Blaylock’s chapter on the similarities between excitotoxins and vaccinations in causing brain inflammation.

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