Success story! Knee Instability and Stem Cells

A 60 year-old man complained to me of knee pain after a hard tennis landing about a year before his visit.  He told me he couldn’t do his usual activities such as tennis, golf or basketball because the knee felt “loose”. On exam, he did have significant looseness of the knee joint.  This instability makes a person afraid to rely on the joint to support them in daily and sports activities.

An MRI showed a medial meniscal tear.  We injected stem cells into his joint in March 2017.  He wore a knee brace for 3 weeks after the injection. At his appointment last week, there was no instability.  The patient had been protecting his knee all this time, and had not been participating in sports.  I sent him to physical therapy to start a graduated exercise program to get him back to full sports activity.  I expect a full recovery.

Most unstable knees are treated with surgery, costing tens of thousands of dollars. The stem cells can accelerate and help healing at a fraction of the cost of surgery.

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Is there a Hack for Happiness?

Is there a Hack for Happiness?

Is happiness genetic?  Does more money make you happier?  Are more physically attractive people happier? What do happy people do with their spare time?

According to Sonya Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness, 50% of happiness is genetic, 40% is intentional and 10% is life circumstances (job, family, health etc.).  So quit blaming your spouse for your mood.  Blame your parents!

For folks who earn $60 to $75,000 a year, people are happier the higher the amount of income.  Less than this, and a loss of happiness is definitely income- related.  It’s hard to be happy if your roof is leaking.  Surprisingly, there is no correlation between happiness and money for those who take home over $75,000.

Also good to know–physical attractiveness doesn’t confer more happiness.

But here’s what does–happier people put more time and energy into relationships with people, and pursue things intrinsically rewarding such as children, friends and hobbies. And if you’d like to improve your health and your happiness, there’s growing evidence that those who volunteer enjoy both benefits (Harvard Health, 2013.)

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If your blood could talk…

Ever wondered what a single drop of blood could tell you about your state of health? With state-of-the-art darkfield microscopy, your blood can tell us so much!

A darkfield microscope lets your doctor immediately evaluate the shapes and other properties of individual blood cells. Like thermography, which shows changes in the breast tissue years before a mammogram will detect them, darkfield allows us to assess issues in the blood when they are in their infancy.

By monitoring your blood through a darkfield microscope, your doctor can assist in ‘balancing’ the blood with supplements and lifestyle recommendations.

Spring Special! While we normally charge $229 for a darkfield analysis and doctor’s interpretation and recommendations, through mid-May we are offering this diagnosis for only $179–a $50 savings. This special is for current medical patients only. Your appointment will include obtaining the blood, an analysis by our nurse, and nutritional recommendations from Dr. Huycke.


Please call us at 208 658-5570 for your appointment.

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Myer’s Cocktail

When most of us hear the word “IV”, we think of donating blood to the Red Cross, or of people who’ve been in an accident and need extra blood.
We don’t usually think of an IV as a state-of-the-art treatment that can provide our bodies with much-needed vitamins, hydration, detoxification, or other healing properties. But that is exactly what a nutritive IV can do for you.
This spring, we’re offering current medical patients an IV that can boost your immune system, improve energy and concentration, and  help with seasonal allergies. It’s called a Myer’s Cocktail, but unlike a real cocktail, this one won’t leave you hung over. It’s a combination of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin B. The Myer’s cocktail was named after Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician who used nutritive IV’s to treat many chronic conditions.
Why choose an IV over swallowing supplements? Substances in an IV bypass the stomach, so if you have any kind of digestive issues, you’ll receive extra nutrients by avoiding the digestive system. You can also receive more effective doses through an IV than you can take orally. For example, if you swallow more than a few thousand of milligrams of Vitamin C, you’ll typically wind up with a stomachache and diarrhea. A Vitamin C IV can safely deliver 25-75 milligrams of Vitamin C, giving your cells a much higher dose of the immune boosting vitamin with no stomach discomfort.
During March and April, Metta Health Care is offering current medical patients a chance to try a Myer’s cocktail at a discounted price.
Normally $129, each Myer’s cocktail IV during March and April will be only $99. Interested in giving this innovative treatment a try? Please call 208 658-5570 for an appointment, as our IV slots fill up quickly, […]

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Preventing Cognitive Decline

University of California Alzheimer’s researcher Dale Bredesen, is a neurologist and the founding president of the independent Buck Institute for Research on Aging. He has developed a 36 point plan to help people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Bredesen is passionate about helping people with early Alzheimer’s disease. He helped a 66 year old man who had been having problems missing appointments, misplacing keys and had difficulty performing at work. His brain scan showed amyloid plaque which is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. His memory center (the hippocampus) had a volume of just 17 percent for men his age. Dr. Bredesen recommended his plan including a low-carb/high-fat diet, intermittent fasting, supplements, a sleep schedule and other lifestyle changes. Within 3 months, his hippocampus had grown 12 percent. His family noticed improved cognitive function.

“Such improvements are unprecedented,” says Bredesen, who described this and nine other hopeful cases in a provocative paper published in June in the Journal of Aging. “These are the first examples of a reversal of cognitive decline in early Alzheimer’s patients.”

Dr. Bredesen evaluates nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, infections, toxins and drugs as likely culprits leading to this type of cognitive decline. His program then attacks them simultaneously. This is a novel approach to mainstream medicine’s standard of care – the one-pill approach. There were 244 clinical trials of Alzheimer’s drugs between 2002 and 2012; all but one failed. His paper describes only 10 cases which is not enough to be considered a clinical trial but we may want to make use of his information.

Dr. Bredesen’s theory is that Alzheimer’s disease has 3 main causes: inflammation or infection, environmental toxins and/or hormonal deficiencies. There is a strong correlation between elevated blood sugar levels and Alzheimer’s disease […]

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Stroke Symptoms and Treatment using Hyperbaric Oxygen

Dr Ann Huycke discusses stroke symptoms and how to recover after the stroke using Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments.

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UVLrx Treatment System

This animated video depicts the biochemical activity generated by the wavelengths of light emitted by the UVLrx Station.

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UBLrx Therapy Internal Light Therapy

Metta Health Care is pleased to announce the introduction of the UVLrx device to the Treasure Valley.  This device allows for internal body treatment with UVA, green and red light.  The UVA is a powerful anti-microbial, the green light stimulates the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cell, and the red light is an anti-microbial and up-regulates the immune system.

Until UVLrx, light therapy for the body was administered on the skin or blood was removed from the body and run through a device which administered the light.  Only a small percentage of the blood could be treated with this type of device, whereas it is estimated that almost 100% of the blood is treated with UVLrx.

What do these various lights do for the body?

UVA light is a powerful anti-microbial wavelength.

The red light especially is known to stimulate ATP production to enhance energy in the cell and body. It is also an anti-microbial light wavelength. The red wavelength has immune modulating abilities. It can down-regulate pro-inflammatory cytokines which is a  scientific way for saying that red light decreases inflammation.  It can help with fever.

The green wavelength stimulates the red blood cell.  The red blood cell is the only cell that does not have mitochondria, and therefore cannot generate energy from ATP.  The green wavelength up-regulates the red blood cell to enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of  the cell, as well as provide elasticity to enhance delivery of that oxygen around the body.

Current research is on-going for Pain, Quality of Life Issues, Dengue Fever, Auto Immune Disorders, Lyme Disease,  HIV, Hepatitis C, Epstein-Barr Virus,  Chronic and Acute Inflammation, Cancer and Flu.

UVLrx is pending FDA approval, but until then, I will become a research investigator so […]

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Do you have Urinary Incontinence or Painful Intercourse?

Check out our new technique to help with pelvic issues in both men and women.

This includes dribbling, urinary urgency and sexual dysfunction.

There is a new injection technique that helps men or women with incontinence issues and helps women with painful intercourse.

Women can have these issues from having children or having gynecological surgery.

Men also can have incontinence from surgeries such as those related to prostate cancer.

This technique takes less than 30 minutes in the office. We recommend a series of 4 injections over a 4 week period.

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Non-Healing Joint Injuries and a New Innovative Technique

Have you been waiting for stem cells to help those non-healing injuries to your joints? We may have something better here in Boise!

I have received training in the past month to be able to inject PRC (platelet rich clot) into a joint to enhance healing.

This PRC is produced through a process in the clinic using your own blood to create growth factors to act like a stem cell transplant.

There are no foreign materials involved, and the clot creates a long term slow release of these healing growth factors.

This technique is being used by progressive orthopedic surgeons and is a more affordable option to stem cell transplants for non-healing orthopedic problems.

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