What can you do about that pesky toenail fungus?

You can get a prescription for Lamasil, which can be hard on the liver, or you could try this low-tech solution.

Debride under the nail daily.  Put a few drops of either tea tree oil or oregano oil or ozone oil under the nail that you have just cleaned out. Then put a few drops at the origin of the nail along the cuticle.  The oregano oil might be a bit strong for some. If it irritates your skin, you can dilute that oil 1:3 in olive oil or fractionated coconut oil.  You can use one oil only, or rotate the three using a different one each day.  This rotation doesn’t allow the fungus to adapt to the oils, so that is a good strategy.  It may take up to a year of this treatment to be fully effective.

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How can you get rid of those pesky skin tags at home?

How can you get rid of those pesky skin tags at home? What serious medical condition can be associated with skin tags?

Skin tags can be removed at home with oregano oil.  Keep the oil on the skin tag and paint down to the base of the skin tag.  You might want to put Vaseline on the normal skin to protect it from burning from the oregano oil.  If you have sensitive skin, dilute the oregano oil 1:3 with extra virgin organic olive oil or coconut oil.

Obesity and diabetes are associated with skin tags.  If you have many skin tags, you might want to get a blood sugar test.

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