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Do you have Urinary Incontinence or Painful Intercourse?

Check out our new technique to help with pelvic issues in both men and women.

This includes dribbling, urinary urgency and sexual dysfunction.

There is a new injection technique that helps men or women with incontinence issues and helps women with painful intercourse.

Women can have these issues from having children or having gynecological surgery.

Men also can have incontinence from surgeries such as those related to prostate cancer.

This technique takes less than 30 minutes in the office. We recommend a series of 4 injections over a 4 week period.

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Ladies, Do You Have Low Libido?

A technical paper investigating the use of manganese in serious neurological conditions, (, found an interesting side effect; a dose of 15-30 mg per day frequently improved libido and sexual performance in men and women.

Manganese can be found in cloves, wheat bran and wheat germ, nuts, mussels, clams, oysters, cocoa powder and chocolate. You’d have to eat a whopping amount of these foods to ingest the 15-30mg dose that appears to stimulate libido and aid performance, so consider a supplement instead. We are currently stocking manganese in the interest of a happy holiday season. Call the office at 208 658-5570 and stock up now!

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