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Asthma Causes and Remedies

Dr Ann Huycke discusses help for you if you suffer from Asthma. What to avoid, what to do, and what to take.

Finally something to heal leaky gut from glyphosates (Round-Up) and gluten!

Restore is the first dietary supplement to promote a healthy barrier between tight junctions in the gut wall. This product provides the communication network to support normal immune function. Restore is the first supplement on the market that functions as an antidote to glyphosate (Round-Up) and gluten and GMO (genetically modified food) injury at the tight junction. Although a person can go gluten free and avoid GMO’s, it is almost impossible to avoid glyphosates, especially since they have been found in the air and rainwater.  We probably need Restore to keep up with these mounting environmental challenges.

The need to remove toxins from the body immediately suggests that there has been a breach in the body’s natural lines of defense and the vast mechanisms for toxin removal have been overwhelmed. To reach this state of toxin overload, many things have gone wrong. The root injury in this situation is leaky tight junctions (the Velcro that holds the cells together to form a membrane). As gut membranes start to leak, the primary barriers are lost and toxins enter the bloodstream. Tight junction damage in blood vessels leads to toxin movement into tissue, including fat cells and the brain. As this process continues, cell coping mechanisms are overwhelmed and the body compartments actually become increasingly susceptible to more toxins creating a vicious cycle of mounting toxicity. The result is chronic inflammation and resulting diseases including diabetes, autism, and cancer.

Many people starting Restore have noted almost immediate signs of toxin clearance from the body. Urine, sweat, breath, and skin can all reveal toxin clearance. This is the result of the extremely rapid changes in the tight junction integrity as Restore gets at the root cause of body […]

Lavado can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is predicted to affect nearly 16 million Americans by 2050. Researchers are hopeful that cocoa extract could be a possible preventative treatment.

Lavado, an extract from cocoa, may reduce or block damage to nerve pathways in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, thus reducing symptoms such as cognitive decline.

Researchers have long known that cocoa and dark chocolate have substantial health benefits, due to their sky-high content of polyphenols. In the past, studies have focused mainly on the general health-promoting and protective aspects of cocoa’s various antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Now, a new animal study conducted at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and published in the June 2014 issue of Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease explores ways in which cocoa works at the molecular and cellular level to reduce damage to nerve pathways in Alzheimer’s disease. As nerve pathway damage can be seen long before patients even develop symptoms, there is hope that cocoa polyphenols may be able to help prevent the disease’s onset.

According to the researchers, lavado cocoa extract could pave the way for new treatments, but further studies are needed to better understand how the extract works in the human brain. NaturalHealth365

Ebola – from the doctor

Ebola has spread to 4 countries. From the CDC Ebola response roadmap: As of Sept 24 the total number of probable, confirmed and suspected cases in the current outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa was 6263 with 2917 deaths. There may be under-reporting of the ill and dead because the health care system has broken down.

There is fear of the people that if they go to clinics or hospitals, they will catch the disease. There is fear from health care workers that they will be infected from their patients. Families are encouraged to care for their sick relatives at home, which could lead to an under-reporting of the ill/dead. Liberia just completed a mandatory quarantine for 3 days in which time 30,000 health workers health care workers went door to door to assess the extent of the epidemic. Nonetheless, the authorities which have finally quarantined cities, have not curtailed air traffic in these countries.

The CDC claims Ebola is not currently an airborne disease among humans. There was an experiment in 2012 where piglets were infected with Ebola and put in wire cages next to monkeys and 2 monkeys were infected. There was no physical contact between these species. However, this experiment may not apply to humans…yet the ARMY’s public research documents make such a clear case that the Ebola airborne risk is here and now.

Ebola is an unusual virus in that it can be transmitted before the person feels ill. The infection’s symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, muscle aches, and headaches. All these symptoms could be confused with the flu in the beginning stages. The incubation period could range from 2 to 21 days. This could give ample time for […]

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber has its first birthday!

It has been a year since the hyperbaric chamber arrived at Metta Health Care.

Since then, we have successfully treated a variety of conditions, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, wounds, fatigue and crush injuries.

I have been privileged to watch the progress of Kim Cherry, who has the devastating diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) which is a progressive neurologic disease.  Kim has done ozone and hyperbaric oxygen therapies several times a week for about 18 months.  Kim has had an excellent recovery for a disease that offers nothing but a death sentence.

I can attest to his progress. You may want to visit his website ALS Winners – The Road to Recovery.

Hyperbarics can also be used for traumatic brain injuries (motor vehicle accidents, football injuries, etc), cerebral palsy, autism, incomplete spinal cord injuries and cardiac disease. Please get the word out about hyperbarics to your friends and family.  It offers hope where sometimes there is none.

Here is what our patients are saying about hyperbarics:

Please check out our extensive section on hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Adrenal Booster and Weight Loss Helper, All in One!

Pantothenic acid is Vitamin B5, and is referred to as the “anti-stress” hormone and a “stamina enhancer”.  It assists and supports adrenal function, while also regulating the conversion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins to energy.

Yes, this means this important vitamin could help with fatigue and weight loss at the same time.  It can also help with other medical problems such as PMS, water retention, fibromyalgia, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

A prudent dose would be 500 mg twice a day, but there is a study with weight loss where panothenic acid was used in doses of 2500 mg four times a day, and this resulted in a weight loss of 1.2 kg per week.

For those who want to keep it natural, foods which contain panothenic acid are beef, brewer’s yeast, eggs, vegetables, kidney, legumes, liver, mushrooms, nuts, pork, fish, rye and wheat flours.

Vitamin D and Alheizmer’s Disease

Higher vitamin D dietary intake is associated with a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Women who developed Alzheimer’s disease had lower baseline vitamin D intakes (an average of 50.3 micrograms per week) than those who developed no dementia at all (an average of 59.0 micrograms per week). Journals of Gerontology, December 2012

Curing the Incurable

I am currently reading Curing the Incurable by Thomas Levy MD,JD who has painstakingly researched studies using high dose Vitamin C.

In 1949, Frederick Klenner MD published a paper demonstrating that using high dose intravenous Vitamin C cured 60 of 60 patients with polio!

When I look in my medical book for the treatment of polio, it states there is no cure and only supportive care for polio is advised.  Likewise, hepatitis can be cured (preventing liver failure and cancer) as can viral encephalitis (preventing paralysis and brain damage) with high dose intravenous Vitamin C.

Other viruses such as measles, mumps, chickenpox, herpes, the flu and viral pneumonia can be cured quickly.  Other infectious diseases such as diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus can also be cured with high dose intravenous Vitamin C.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help reduce inflammation and cholesterol build-up in your arteries.  They also enhance overall well-being and are particularly important for breast health.  A good source is a product called Proform E.C.  Stop by the office and bring your coupon.

Heavy Metals Coursework, Heavy Metals Everywhere

Arsenic is prevalent in our drinking water in Boise. To get this out of your house water, install a reverse osmosis filter, or a whole-house filtration unit. An easy portable fix is to have your family buy EcoFlo water filters. They are portable stainless steel water bottles, and they will filter out pesticides and chlorine. Encourage your children to take them to school, and fill them up with water from the water fountains or faucets. They are about $40 and are available online. Disclosure: I am not affiliated with EcoFlo financially, but wish I was.

Air fresheners are related to agent orange. Don’t use them. Disclosure: I’m not affiliated with any air fresheners and I’m glad I’m not.

Elevated lead levels are associated with decreased IQ in children, and coronary heart disease in adults. Adults (my age) are from the leaded generation: leaded paint and leaded gasoline. All constuction workers have lead toxicity. A sneaky way to be exposed to lead is in wine, especially wine-in-a-box. You can check the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for exact levels of your favorite libation. There are also high lead levels in Moderna basalmic vinegar because there are high lead levels in the soil in Moderna, Italy.

Mercury is very prevalent in people with a lot of vaccinations, or silver amalgam fillings. Another significant source of mercury is high fructose corn syrup. The average teenager’s soda consumption can cause mercury toxicity. Finally, sushi is a significant source of mercury, especially the larger fish (shark, swordfish, tile fish, king mackerel, albacore and tuna). Ever wonder why we limit the recommendations for pregnant women and not for the rest of us? If the government is telling pregnant women to limit their […]

FLU Vaccine

Are you still thinking about getting the flu vaccine?  Here are a few thoughts to ponder…

Read the package insert from FLULAVAL (flu vaccine) under indications and usage.  It states “this indication is based on immune response elicited by FLULAVAL, and there have been no controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.”

Also, under dosage:  “thimerosal, a mercury derivative, is added as a preservative.  Each 0.5 ml dose contains 25 mg mercury.”  The government agreed to ban thimerosal from vaccines several years ago, so why is it continuing to use this neurologic, lung and kidney toxic material?  20 years ago, the maximum allowable mercury from a lifetime of vaccines was deemed to be no more than 4 mg.  Now the average child gets over 200 mg!

Furthermore, The CDC has implemented mass vaccinations of children under the age of 5 since 2003.  Death rates from the flu (by year):  1999 — 29 deaths, 2000– 19 deaths, 2001 — 13 deaths, 2002 — 12 deaths, 2003 — 90 deaths, 2006 — 78 deaths, 2007 — 88 deaths, 2008 — 116 deaths.

The H1N1 vaccine was tested for safety for one week, not months.  Adjuvants are added to vaccines to enhance the effects of the vaccine, and the testing was done without adjuvants.  These agents have been associated with autoimmune disease, and the Gulf war syndrome, in immunized veterans from that war.

Show me the long term studies that show that this year’s flu vaccine is safe for pregnant women.

Interesting Vaccination Article: Here is an interesting view on the original source of most vaccines. Many vaccines  are grown on human fetal tissue. If you have not signed up for Dr. Mercola’s free newsletter, I would recommend […]

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