We all know hormones are essential to a happy love life. Are yours up for the challenge?

Where: PT 180 at 5909 State Street, Boise ID 83703
When: Monday February 8
When: 6:30 to 8:00
Pre-register $10, call 658-5570.

We all know hormones are essential to a happy love life. Are yours up for the challenge? Please join Ann Huycke, MD, ND, as she explains just how critical hormones are for vitality, health, and sexual well-being. You will craft essential oil ‘love enhancers’ to bring home that can perk up sluggish hormones–just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Adults only.

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Hormone Prescription Renewal–Read this to SAVE $

How would you like to save $35 every time you renew your hormone prescription? It’s simple. Just remember to get any needed labs done at least TWO WEEKS before you run out of your hormones.

Why two weeks?  It can take up to a week to run certain hormone lab tests, and a compounding pharmacy usually needs at least two business days to fill a hormone prescription.

If Dr. Huycke gets your lab results one week before you need your prescription refilled, she will WAIVE the $35 fee to call them in. If you run out of hormones and need a ‘stop-gap’ prescription refill before we have your lab test results, the $35 fee applies.

Because so many patients in our practice take bio-identical hormones, please help us help you save money and frustration by getting your lab tests done at least two weeks before your hormones run out.

Not sure when your hormone prescription will run out? (Sometimes its hard to tell with those creams/lotions). Look at the date the prescription was filled, note how many doses there are, and calculate the date they will run out. Then, simply make a note on your calendar two weeks before that date. To schedule lab tests, just call our office at 658-5570. We can do the tests at our office, or send orders to another lab if you choose.

REMEMBER–hormone tests are most accurate 5 hours after taking hormones, so make sure to schedule accordingly. You do not need to fast for hormone labs.

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