Heavy metals

Water Filtration at Home

We have many challenges in the Treasure Valley to create the perfect filter. We have about 83 neighborhood wells and each has its own unique signature. This means having to contact the water department for specific reports for your neighborhood. Now we have someone to help us discover the perfect filter for our households.

We have the following local elements that need filtration:

Uranium, chlorine, fluoride and arsenic.

Boise, Eagle, Nampa and Meridian have uranium in the water, Caldwell does not.

This uranium is from natural deposits in the rock.

Chlorine is present in all publically shared wells. Chlorine molecules can break down into toxic carcinogenic byproducts. All chlorine needs filtration. A Britta filter, while affordable, does not filter enough chlorine. The Britta Company makes no claims except to enhance the taste of the water. Even reverse osmosis filters do not have a carbon filter for chlorine removal. If a carbon filter is not hooked up before the RO unit, the chlorine will use up the RO filters quickly.

Chloramine is an ammonia derivative with chlorine atoms attached. Chloramine is used instead of chlorine because it has longer lasting disinfectant properties. There have been health risks associated with chloramine use including intestinal complaints (stomach cramps, acid reflux and IBS), respiratory symptoms (wheezing, cough, and asthma) and skin problems (rashes, blistering, dry skin, cracking, peeling, bleeding, burning sensations, mouth ulcers). Also, people on chemotherapy are warned to not drink chloramine water. The good news: we don’t have chloramine in our drinking water in Idaho. There are no plans to use chloramine.

The level of fluoride in Idaho water is approximately what is in the water in cities which fluoridate their water. It is thought that the fluoride salts (calcium fluoride for example) […]

Radiation Protection

What We Can Do:
There are ways to mitigate the effects of this dangerous radiation. One is to take supplements that prevent the radioactive elements from settling in our bodies. Here’s a link to an article that explains why protecting ourselves BEFORE radiation exposure is so important:

I recommend that you acquire some supplements in advance ‘just in case’, because it is important to saturate our bodies with minerals before we encounter any radioactivity. We carry the following supplements in our office. Call 208 658-5570 to order.

To prevent Iodide 131 from settling in the body, use Iodoral, a non-radioactive iodide supplement. An adult can take one tablet a day. SSKI, a liquid source of iodine, is perfect for infants and children. SSKI needs to be ordered from a compounding pharmacy.

Cesium 137 is similar to potassium, so taking Iodoral, which contains some potassium, can help prevent absorption. Mega-Min has potassium as well. You can also buy Morton’s Salt Substitute, which contains potassium chloride, and use this as you would use salt in cooking and seasoning.

Use calcium supplements, or non-radioactive Strontium, to prevent absorption of Strontium 90. Mega-Min has calcium in protective amounts.

Mega-Min also contains Selenium, which is protective against cancer in general.
Be Prepared:
In the event of a nuclear meltdown, I recommend the following supplements/dosages:

Adult Daily Dose:

2 Mega-Mins
1 Strontium
1 Iodoral
Vitamin C 1000mg 3 times a day
Vitamin D 5000iu per day

Note: Cancer patients can take 6 Mineral 650 (a supplement that does not contain copper or iron), 1 Strontium, and 1 Iodoral per day.

Keep the Morton’s salt substitute handy and sprinkle it on food.

Call the office at 208 658-5570 to order the above supplements, or if you need a recommendation to a compounding pharmacy.

Heavy Metal Toxicity In Your Well Water

Do you get your drinking water from a well? Is the well water safe? Most people will tell me their well has been tested by the county authorities. This test determines if there are coliforms (or microorganisms associated with fecal contamination). It does NOT test for heavy metals, which can also affect your health. Do you know if you have heavy metals in your well water?

Idaho’s water contains high arsenic and fluoride levels, which could be hard on your health. Use Wikipedia to research arsenic poisoning and fluoride poisoning.

You may order a test to check for heavy metal toxicity in your ground water at Doctor’s Data Lab. The test is called “Comprehensive Drinking Water Test” and costs $129. A pre-paid sample collection kit will be sent to your home for collection and you can send the sample back in the mail. We do not carry the kit at our office, but you can directly order through Doctor’s Data. This test can provide you with detailed information on what your water really contains. Click here to view sample report.

If your groundwater contains a high level of toxic metals, consider testing yourself to make certain you have not absorbed abnormal amounts. These tests we do carry in our office. Contact us at 208.658.5570 for more information.

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Arsenic is prevalent in our drinking water in Boise. To get this out of your house water, install a reverse osmosis filter, or a whole-house filtration unit. An easy portable fix is to have your family buy EcoFlo water filters. They are portable stainless steel water bottles, and they will filter out pesticides and chlorine. Encourage your children to take them to school, and fill them up with water from the water fountains or faucets. They are about $40 and are available online. Disclosure: I am not affiliated with EcoFlo financially, but wish I was.

Air fresheners are related to agent orange. Don’t use them. Disclosure: I’m not affiliated with any air fresheners and I’m glad I’m not.

Elevated lead levels are associated with decreased IQ in children, and coronary heart disease in adults. Adults (my age) are from the leaded generation: leaded paint and leaded gasoline. All constuction workers have lead toxicity. A sneaky way to be exposed to lead is in wine, especially wine-in-a-box. You can check the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for exact levels of your favorite libation. There are also high lead levels in Moderna basalmic vinegar because there are high lead levels in the soil in Moderna, Italy.

Mercury is very prevalent in people with a lot of vaccinations, or silver amalgam fillings. Another significant source of mercury is high fructose corn syrup. The average teenager’s soda consumption can cause mercury toxicity. Finally, sushi is a significant source of mercury, especially the larger fish (shark, swordfish, tile fish, king mackerel, albacore and tuna). Ever wonder why we limit the recommendations for pregnant women and not for the rest of us? If the government is telling pregnant women to limit their […]

Notes from the Doctor

I have been reviewing DVD’s from Doctor Dietrich Klinghardt, who is a medical doctor who specializes in natural medicine, and especially Lymes disease and autism.  I would like to pass on some interesting things from the tapes.

Mercury causes Alzeheimer’s disease and brain dysfunction.  Almost all fish have mercury in their flesh, but eating the fish protects you from the damage of the heavy metals.  So, the caveat is to eat your fish!  Fish lowest in mercury are catfish, blue crab, croaker, flounder, haddock, trout.  Fish highest in mercury are shark, swordfish, tilefish, and tuna steak.

The prions (microscopic evidence) of mad cow disease are found in farmed fish.  It is very rare to get wild fish at a restaurant.  I would recommend you buy wild fish and eat it at home, or scrutinize your restaurants as to whether they serve wild fish.

Cordless phones have strong electromagnetic influences on humans.  It is recommended that you have phones that plug into the wall (this is safest), or cell phones.  Cell phones have electromagnetic pollution as well.  Never hold the phone to your head, use speaker phone.  Check your teenaged girls, they like to have their phones under their pillows at night.  This is very prolonged exposure and dangerous.  Don’t wear your cell phone, or you will certainly have problems in the part of the body closeby.  If you have to have a cordless phone, unplug it at night.

Black clothes dampen the immune system, which can be seen in measurable blood tests.  Wear rainbow colors!

A patient told me that Ivory soap bar under the sheets helped his restless legs!  Anyone else have any experience with this?

Men: When you come to give blood for a PSA, don’t have sex […]

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