How smart are Smart Meters?

There are many problems with these power meters including increased power bills (they were touted as vehicles to save power and money), violations of privacy (the power companies are gathering data of power usage and selling this information to third parties), and possibility of cyber-hacking of the power grid with the ability to turn off our power.

The electromagnetic frequencies from the meters are in the range that may cause cancer, and health effects of smart meters include but are not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, and decreased fertility in men.


Take Back Your Power–  https://takebackyourpower.net/

Wi Fried– http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/wi-fried/

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WiFi, Cordless Phones and Cardiac Abnormalities

Magda Havas PhD and colleagues at the Environmental and Resources Studies Dept. at Trent University, Canada, showed that 40% of 25 generally healthy volunteers showed marked increases in heart  rate, arrhythmias, and other disturbances in heart rate variability following exposure to a cordless phone base station actively emitting 2.41 GHz pulsed microwave signals.  This is the frequency emitted by many wireless routers and other WiFi technology.

You may want to convert your phones to corded and your WIFi to corded (we have made both changes at the office).  Avoid coffee shops and hotels with free WiFi if you are sensitive and having cardiac problems.  You may want to avoid these places even if you aren’t having any health problems because these frequencies are untested for other health problems at this time.  For more info,  go to www.electromagnetichealth.org and check out the interview with Dr. Havas.

Cell Phone Research

JAMA article in the Feb 23, 11 edition, page 808 is research demonstrating increased glucose metabolism in cell phone users in the part of the brain closest to the antenna.  This is of unknown significance, but it can’t be good.

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt put two cell phones about 6 inches apart and called from one to the other for 80 minutes.  He placed a normal egg between the cell phones and the egg congealed at the end of that time.

Dr Henry Lai performed research in the late 1980’s demonstrating that cell phone usage causes DNA link breakage (this means cancer), congeals proteins, and disrupts sugar metabolism in the brain.  All this information is omnious.

I would advise everyone to keep these devices away from your head and body, and use speaker phone or texting when communicating.  Please pass this information on!

High Fequency Energy from Electrical Outlets

There is a company, Stetzer Electric Inc., which detects high frequency energy from electrical outlets.

They do this with microsurge meters, which read the volts in an electrical outlet.

Optimal measurements should be under 50.

Our office will rent out this meter for $5 per day, or you can purchase a meter for $125.

If you have high electrical readings, you may want to purchase filters from this company (it takes about 20 to remediate a home).

This company is recommended from the Public Health SOS book, which spotlights hazards and solutions of electromagnetic pollution.

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Electromagnetism, Microwaves and Health

Microwaves are unhealthy if they leak.

How does one test for a leak?  Put a cell phone in the microwave (DO NOT TURN THE MICROWAVE ON!).  Call that phone from an outside line.  If the phone rings, you have a leak in your microwave.

You should either get the microwave repaired or discard the unit.

A great book on electromagnetism is Public Health SOS which can be ordered from electromagnetichealth.org:

Blue tooth is microwave radiation.  There are no health effects for the first 5 years, but rapid decline after this.
Blackberry seems to have the best electromagnetic profile, the iPhone is the worst.
Over 1 milligauss of electromagnetism is considered detrimental to health.  Steel belted radial tires in cars generate 10 milligauss.  Most cars expose the driver to 30 milligauss and that front passenger to 25 milligauss.  The Prius exposes both front seats to 40 milligauss, and the backseat has 50 milligauss.  Heated carseats have been reported to cause prostate cancer.
Fluorescent bulbs, although they are supposedly environmentally friendly, contain mercury.  If there is a bulb breakage, your home could be contaminated with this neurotoxin, and could require special clean-up crews for hazardous substances.  If you decide to use them, when they burn out, they need to be taken to hazardous waste pick-up sites. Without this attention to disposal, there could be ground water contamination with mercury, if people dispose of these bulbs in the trash.

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