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Do you have Urinary Incontinence or Painful Intercourse?

Check out our new technique to help with pelvic issues in both men and women.

This includes dribbling, urinary urgency and sexual dysfunction.

There is a new injection technique that helps men or women with incontinence issues and helps women with painful intercourse.

Women can have these issues from having children or having gynecological surgery.

Men also can have incontinence from surgeries such as those related to prostate cancer.

This technique takes less than 30 minutes in the office. We recommend a series of 4 injections over a 4 week period.

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Non-Healing Joint Injuries and a New Innovative Technique

Have you been waiting for stem cells to help those non-healing injuries to your joints? We may have something better here in Boise!

I have received training in the past month to be able to inject PRC (platelet rich clot) into a joint to enhance healing.

This PRC is produced through a process in the clinic using your own blood to create growth factors to act like a stem cell transplant.

There are no foreign materials involved, and the clot creates a long term slow release of these healing growth factors.

This technique is being used by progressive orthopedic surgeons and is a more affordable option to stem cell transplants for non-healing orthopedic problems.

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End of Life Decisions

Advanced Directives are a series of legally binding forms to make your wishes known in the event you cannot make your own medical decisions because of an illness or accident. These forms and instructions can be found and downloaded at the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition at There is also a link on the website to register these completed forms with the state.

I found this site to be very helpful in understanding various terms, and available options. The forms make it easy to choose which level of care you receive in the hospital.

Perhaps if you are seriously ill at home you may not want full resuscitation (code blue). If you call the ambulance, the crew and Emergency Room personnel are obligated to perform full resuscitation, regardless of your Advanced Directive. The only way to ensure you do not get this treatment is not to call the ambulance.

I would like to tell you of a specific instruction that I placed on my forms. On the blank box on page 6, I wrote in the statement “I, Ann Huycke, give permission for my agent to allow me to be taken against medical advice to die at home.” In the event my situation is terminal, my agent has been instructed to drag me (if necessary) home. I encourage you to really think about where you would like to take your last breath.

Another good organization with information for end-of-life choices is the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Idaho at Since it is difficult to make funeral decisions at the stressful time surrounding death, for $35, the Alliance will lock in prices for burial or cremation.

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Smart Phone Applications for food ingredients.

1. To ID Phony Health Foods… try Fooducate This app, which comes with a barcode scanner to use at supermarkets, grades packaged food in terms of its healthiness, and it also alerts you to health food imposters that contain high fructose corn syrup, harmful additives, trans fats, and other sketchy ingredients.

Good for: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android compatible

Find it:  

Price: $0 to $3.99 (depending on the version)

2. For When to Buy Organic… try EWG’s 2012 Shopper’s Guide Ever year, the Environmental Working Group wades through US Department of Agriculture data on levels of pesticides found on common produce. The result? Their much-hyped “Dirty Dozen” list of foods you should always buy organic, and their “Clean 15” list of foods that are OK to buy conventionally grown. Download their app to always keep this info handy when you’re shopping.

Good for: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Windows Phone compatible

Find it:  

Price: Free

3. For Safe and Sustainable Fish… try Seafood Watch One fish, two fish, red fish…oh, who even knows anymore? Skip the confusion about what seafood is safe—and sustainable—with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch app. It tells you which fish are plentiful, which are on the brink of extinction, and which are so polluted with mercury and PCBs that you shouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole. It even has a handy Sushi Guide to help you navigate the raw-fish counter with ease.

Good for: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android compatible

Find it:

Price: Free

Scary Facts About Shrimp  

4. To Pick the Freshest Produce… try Harvest Should you sniff strawberries or check out their color? Are you really supposed to thump a watermelon or shake an avocado? Consult with Harvest, an app that doles out tips […]

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What does natural, organic, and air-chilled really mean on chicken labeling?

“USDA ORGANIC” is considered the gold standard for labeling. This label ensures that chicken eat organic feed (GMO-free) that doesn’t contain animal byproducts, are raised without antibiotics and have access to the outdoors (how much access…isn’t regulated).

“AIR-CHILLED” means that chickens were not water-chilled en masse in a chlorinated bath and the meat did not absorb any water during processing. (Water-chilled birds retain up to 14 percent water—inflating cost and diluting flavor) Instead, chickens hang from a conveyor belt and circulate around a cold room.

“RAISED WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS” are important; too bad they’re not strictly enforced. (The only rigorous enforcement is when it is USDA Organic).  Loopholes – like injecting the eggs (which will be used as meat birds) with antibiotics or feeding birds feather meal laced with residual antibiotics from treated birds.

“NATURAL & ALL NATURAL” beware of these ubiquitous labels.  The USDA has defined the term just for fresh meat, stipulating only that no synthetic substances have been added to the ‘CUT’. Producers may thus raise their chickens under the most unnatural circumstances on the most unnatural diets and inject birds with broth during processing.

“VEGETARIAN-FED & VEGETARIAN DIET” sound healthy, but such terms are not regulated by the government, you’re relying on the producer’s ‘notion’ of vegetarian, which may mean cheap bakery leftovers that may have preservatives and/or chemical additives.

“HORMONE-FREE” – When used with chicken (and pork) “hormone-free” is an empty reassurance, since the USDA does not allow the use of hormones or steroids in the production of either chicken or pork.

Full article…

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