My name is Michelle Stimak, I’m currently an RN specializing in natural healing, detoxification and ozone/oxygen treatments. I have completed extensive research on common causes of chronic illness and malfunction of the human body, such as Lyme disease, parasitic infestations, viruses, EMF’s and environmental toxins. I carry a certification in Colon Hydrotherapy and have grown to greatly appreciate this training, because without adequate digestive health, it is nearly impossible to heal.

I have a wide variety of health care experience that includes; the ER, home health care, pediatrics, post surgical care, cardiac care, detoxification at “Living Waters”, colon hydrotherapy at “High Stream Healing” and extensive experience in natural health at another local clinic.

My passion for functional & natural medicine began while on my own personal healing journey when I realized that getting to the root cause of my illness would take patience, hard work, support and time. That was over 10 years ago and I am so thankful for everything I have learned, amazing practitioners and patients I have met and different techniques and treatments I have discovered along the way.

This passion for natural healing and educating others, has led me to pursue my NP degree in family practice through Samuel Merritt University and with only one more year to go, I have decided to learn from some of our best local doctors.

Starting in January, I will be tagging along with Dr. Huycke one day a week to learn her techniques and complete my clinicals.

Following the training, I am planning on joining Metta Health Care a few days a week to help out, enabling me to run nutritional analysis, start IV’s, educate patients about detoxification and treatments, and offer guidance and support.