keepcalmWhile reading Ty Bolinger’s transcript The Truth About Cancer, Dr. Wright suggests a treatment for women that will markedly lower their risk of COPD (chronic pulmonary lung disease).  What is it?

And men…what one thing can you do to reduce your risk of heart attack by 88%?

How to reduce COPD in women, and heart attacks in men:

Drs. Massaro and Massaro from Georgetown University’s Lung Regeneration Laboratory demonstrated that after menopause, a woman’s lungs degenerate much more rapidly than a man’s. Non-smoking women have 6-8 times the risk of COPD compared to non-smoking men. Estrogen can markedly help lower this risk.  It also helps preserve vocal quality as well–estrogen will prevent women from sounding like “granny”.

In Finland, men who donated blood had a markedly lower rate of heart attack (88% lower).  It is thought that recently manufactured blood in the body is supple and can maneuver more easily through the turbulent branches of the blood vessels.  Old blood becomes stiffer and doesn’t maneuver as easily, and becomes congested and clots. After blood is donated, new blood is manufactured.  It is also recommended that post-menopausal women may benefit from blood donation.  Menstruating women (who don’t smoke or take birth control pills) don’t have to worry about heart attacks since they have predictable monthly blood loss, with constantly renewable and therefore supple blood cells.